Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quality Time with JD & The Batting Stance Guy

Last Thursday after baseball practice, I took Jack (JD) and two friends Isaiah and Grant to a book signing at Barnes N Nobel in Huntington Beach. The You Tube celebrity Gar Ryness aka "The Batting Stance Guy" has just published a book about the talent he describes as "the least marketable skill in America." He imitates MLB ball player batting stances. And he's pretty hysterical. The book is called "The Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball" and can be purchased everywhere.

I feel like I've known BSG for a long time now. I've been following him for over a year when he first started posting videos on You Tube. After his videos first came out, I started e-mailing him to harass him into imitating the Angels; specifically players like Jim Edmonds, Chili Davis, JT Snow and Vlad Guerrero. I was always impressed because he always replied to my e-mail. The day before the book signing event in Huntington Beach, BSG posted on my Facebook page that he hoped to see me there. To my surprise, when we walked up to get our books autographed, he recognized me. The boys were totally impressed and had a blast. I think the Batting Stance Guy enjoyed having them ask him all sorts of questions as well. It was a total "win win."
Here are some photos from our fun evening.

Jack, Me, The Batting Stance Guy, Isaiah and Grant

Jack learning to imitate Gary Sheffield.

The Batting Stance Guy autographing JD's wiffle ball bat. Notice the news crew from Japan in the background? The boys thought it was fantastic that they were going to be on TV, until they learned it was going to air in Japan!

Here is a video of their Q & A:

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