Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another test this Friday

Just wanted to check in briefly since so many of you have been asking about the results of my CT scan last Friday. The answer is I don't know yet. I called my pulmonologist this morning and his nurse would not give me anything over the phone (which is pretty standard HIPPA practice these days). She told me that Dr. Ross wanted me to have a Pulmonary Function Test in addition to the CT scan, and that after I've done that, he will go over the results of both with me. She also reassured me that if the CT had showed something urgent, he would have had her call me in sooner, so that is a relief.

My PFT test is scheduled for Friday at 7:15 am. I'm sleepy just thinking about it.

Jenelle is doing great. We had to take her wheelchair in this morning for some much needed repair. I spoke to her teacher and the bus company, and they think we might be able to try out a "harness" system for Jenelle to use to ride on the bus. Jenelle's walking has really improved, and she is managing stairs very well with little assistance. The "harness" is like a 5 point strap vest that can be used to secure Jenelle into a regular bus seat without the need for her wheelchair! Of course, we'd keep her chair close at hand, but it would be nice not to have to set it up every morning to get her loaded on the bus. We'll discuss the "harness" at her next IEP in September.

Jack has been doing great. I can't believe the end of school and the end of the regular Little League season are coming in the next few weeks. Jack's team is doing well, and he has become a very good pitcher. A chip off the old block. Brett is as busy as ever and currently at a Little League Board Meeting as I type. I always wonder, which last longer, the meeting, or the "after meetings?" ;)

Finally, I am sorry I didn't share the story of the photo below. Every year, our league has a professional photographer come to the games to take professional sports photos of the kids. Over the years, I've gotten to know him and he really does enjoy his work. Each year that he has photographed the Challengers, he gives all of the photos to the parents for free.

The photo below was an absolute candid moment. The photographer, Lou Sautrich, was taking photos from the out field with his telephoto lens. I was sitting on that bucket writing names of the kids on the raffle tickets in my hand - the team was raffling off tickets to that night's Angels game, and I wanted to make sure I counted each kid as they came to bat. Jenelle had just crossed home plate with her buddy, saw me sitting on the bucket and walked over to me to lean in for a hug. It was amazing. She saw me, recognized me, and came over to me as if to say, "This is my Mommy!" Although it appears that I'm looking straight at the camera, I didn't know he captured this moment until I saw it in the photo binder. It is my absolute new favorite photo. The love and joy captured in that photo just says it all. Thank you Lou!

That is all for now - I'll keep you posted.

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that would be my favorite picture too!!!