Monday, April 12, 2010

A Family Tradition

In case you didn't know, one of the photos below is somewhat of a tradition in our family. Every time we "go to the mountains", we always made the obligatory trip to Reimer's Candy Store in Three Rivers . As a child, I knew it as "Huffakers, " then later as "Three Rivers Country Candies." A few years ago, it became Reimer's Candy Store. This place makes their own chocolates, home made ice cream, and has wonderful gifts and unique finds. It truly is a must see if you ever travel to this part of California on your way to Sequoia National Park.

Here I am, 16 years young, posing with the "candy maker" outside the store.

Here is a photo of my parents a few years later on the "back deck" of Reimer's Candy Shop overlooking one of the rivers of Three Rivers.

Here is a photo of the first time I took Brett to the candy shop. Same photo spot as my parents above. I love the leaves in the background of this one.

And would you believe it? Here I am with Jack back in 2001 when he was 10 months old... Same location, same back porch, same river!

Three Rivers has changed so much. The Candy Store used to be the only place to stop, and now it has wine tasting, hotels, antiques, etc. If you ever make the trip, be sure to stop at Reimer's Candy Shop. Tell them Kelly sent you!

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