Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Weekend Photos

A few days before Easter, the kids and I took a trip to Visalia to visit my parents. It was the first trip for me since my 20 year high school reunion (September 2008), and obviously the first time I'd visited since my cancer. It was a wonderful trip and we took the kids on a day trip to Three Rivers, CA to enjoy the mountains and candy store. Jack loved it, except for the "driving" part.

Here I am with Jack at Reimer's Candy Store in Three Rivers overlooking the river.

Here are the huge boulders underneath Gateway Inn restaurant at the entrance to Sequoia National Park. We didn't go to the park because Jack was a little car sick.

One day, we went miniature golfing at the new place in Visalia. Jack had some interesting shots.

We came home in time to celebrate Easter with Brett's family. Here is the annual egg hunt with the cousins!

And on Monday, we went to Opening Day at the Angels Game! I saw with Jenelle in our seats, while Brett and Jack enjoyed the game in Diamond Club with Uncle Brad and Trevor. The Angels won, and Jenelle really did well during the game!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, and going down memory lane, again. You must mention the "loseing your stomach" on Yokol Valley road. Jack really liked that! Mom

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the photos, too! You and Jenelle are looking very pretty!