Saturday, July 25, 2009

School and Summer Fun

Anyone who has been around Jenelle in person knows that she gravitates to anyone with food. She may stumble and walk slow when we try to change her diaper, but if it's meal time she can walk to the table with grace and ease. So imagine our laugh when this photo came home from school last week.

At the start of the extended school year in July, Jenelle was promoted to 1st Grade, and thus has been moved to a new classroom with new teachers. She is still with the Orange County Department of Education program and we couldn't be more pleased with her new teachers and the overall setting of her classroom. There are more age appropriate things for Jenelle, and as her teacher says, "it is time for her to grow up a little!" I can tell you, many in our family have that same expression on our face when Jenelle sneaks up on you when you have food! That is why we had such a good laugh. The teachers are still getting to know Jenelle and her many unique characteristics. Jenelle is doing well with the change in environment, and we think it will be very good for her.

The county's program has undergone a lot of changes due to budget, and a lot of kids are now missing out on the expertise of the county teachers. It is very sad to see this happen. There is a lot more I could say but I will bite my tongue for now. ;)

And of course, Jack is not having any fun at all this summer. Here is photographic evidence as Aunt Nicki dragged him to Disneyland last night.

See, absolute torture! ;)


Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well for Jenelle's new school year. She is a beautiful young lady; and from the photo....she zones right in on the food.

Did you get Kelly #1's blog? What a nightmare. Six down with one still wheezing and on a breathing machine (Paulina).

Keep us posted about you and your battle. It sounds as if you are perkiung up somewhat. Yu'all are in our prayers.

Army of Mom said...

Look like your life may be *knocking on wood* getting back to normal just a little. So glad to see/hear that!!

Anonymous said...

Such good news on your children tells me you are well, too. My prayers answered, but unending.