Friday, July 10, 2009

More Hair

I was waiting to update on Monday, but realized it had been a while since my last update. Things are going well for all of us and we had a wonderful 4th of July. I rested most of the day and we spent the evening at a friend's home enjoying food and fireworks. The good news from the 4th is that Jenelle enjoyed the fireworks and didn't have seizures - Yay!

Jenelle has taken her door knob turning talent to daycare and has "snuck out" the front door at daycare twice now! Thank goodness they have a gate! The second time she did it, we're told the sprinklers were on, so Jenelle got her own little bath in the process. She is quick!

Jack is having a great summer and really enjoys having me home. He has mostly been doing baseball camp during the day and playing with lots of friends in the afternoons. He is very busy, but loves to tell me goodbye in the morning before he heads out.

I am doing well, but am still shedding a lot of dead skin. A lot of the pain is gone but I'm still really tired and weak. The doctor still has me on a very high dose of Predisone, and that just makes me shaky and tired. I can't wait to see her next week to hopefully start coming off this drug!

And finally, I took a new photo to document my hair growth. It is really coming in now, and is soft, full and curly. I have no idea what to do with it so I mostly wear baseball hats all the time. I think I need a trip to my stylist soon. Here is a photo for you to enjoy - notice there is no gray! ;)

And just because he's so cute, here is Jack at an Angels game enjoying summer!

Thanks for the continued prayers. KCA!


Laura said...

Congrats on the growing hair but I think you looked fabulous blad! Thanks for the ongoing updates and I'm sure your proud of Janelles new accomplishments although probably a bit terrified now too with all this growth and what she can do with playing Houdini.

Gators_Rule said...

Wow! The hair looks awesome! Jack is adorable in the picture. I love the peanut.


Army of Mom said...

Look at you, girl! Did you have curly hair before? What a treat to have someone new! And, is that your natural color? I had a friend whose hair came back different colors and textures throughout her cancer treatments. She said it was great to be a redhead, brunette and a blonde without the trips to the stylist. She just wished she could have ditched the chemo, too. :)

Barbara said...

God is good! Answering my prayers for you and Jenelle with a 'yes'!

I think your new hair looks good, too.

Jack is soooo handsome. And cute. Regards to Brett.