Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kelly update..

Daddy here, Kelly asked me to give everyone an update. There is so much to cover I don't know where to start. Over the weekend the hives got worse. They have covered her entire body. Her fever got worse. It got as high as 104.8. The fever went up and down between 104.8 and 100 for the past 6 days. She had the shakes so bad they gave her morphine and Demerol just to get her to relax. Then they gave her an overdose of narcotics over the weekend when they added adavant. Which put her into a kind of mental coma for 4 days. She was very incoherent. Not completing sentences and talking in a strange language. She still isn't sure what day it is. They put her on 4 different types of antibiotics. They don't know what they are treating. Her sodium & potassium levels got so low they got concerned about her organs failing. Not sure if that was a possibility. Over the weekend her heart rate dropped to 65 over 40. I think. I was scary low. That combined with everything else scared me to death. Her heart rate is back to normal as are the other things. They did a biopsy of her rash to see if it might be chicken pocks or shingles. They started treating it and she started to have a reaction to that medication. They have done 3 x-rays, 3 CT scans and an MRI to see what is wrong. Nothing so far. Sounds like our daughter. She is speaking much better today. Still very tired. The nurses have been incompetent to say the least. There have been more screw ups then I can count. She is constantly talking about her death and funeral. I miss my positive wife. I am sure she will be back to bossing me around telling me what I am doing wrong in no time. The normal wife I know and love. Sorry to be such a downer, but I thought you should know what is going on. We need a break here. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.


Kristinesonja said...

Thanks for the update, Brett. You all have been on our minds all weekend. Kelly needs to know we are all praying and sending positive thoughts for this fever to go away. Kelly is a tough cookie and will boss you around again soon:) Much love, Kristine

Ambar D. said...

Thank you for the update Brett. I am praying for Kelly and strength for your family. All our love, Ambar

Army of Mom said...

Thank you for letting us know. I've been worried without her updates and I feared it might be bad. So, I'm grateful for the update and will get ALL the prayer warriors I know on the case.

Take care of yourself and Kelly. She's a fighter even in her bad place right now.

God bless you both!

Nature Girl said...

Thanks so much for the update. You're family has been in my thoughts for quite some time. Still praying hard for your recovery Kelly! You are one tough cookie!

Addy said...

Praying for Kelly. Get well soon.

tatyoon said...

Hugs to you and Kelly and the family. You are constantly in my thoughts


Jennifer from CN said...

We are praying for you Kelly..hang in there!

LIZARD66 said...


I am one of Kelly's friends from BrainTalk, and I was actually just thinking about her a couple of days ago. I am so saddened to hear this news. I send my love and hugs to all of you. Please tell Kelly I'm praying for her and send love and strength to you all.

God Bless,


SuZan said...

Thank you for the update. My heart goes out to all of you. Kelly is very strong and I pray that she continues to fight this.

lesley said...

I'm from Kelly's Braintalk group and had no idea things had gone downhill so quickly. Praying for a quick effective rebound so she can get home and you all feel better. Praying this is just a bump in the road.

Anonymous said...

Been checking for an update and am so sorry to hear of this twist.
You are right, she will be up and bossing you soon.
Our thoughts and prayers are yours more than ever.
-The Riley's in VA

Leightongirl said...

We are here when you need us.

Danielle said...

This is so scary. I know. I think about her every day. This must be the worst part. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Please call me if you need anything.


GinaMarie said...

Come on Kelly!! Keep KCA!!! Keep fighting as hard as Jenelle is! I KNOW you have been fighting and is NOT easy and you are tired but KEEP FIGHTING!!! Brett and the kids NEED you!!! Your FAMILY NEED YOU!! Shoot.. Kick those nurses rears!!! Get them in gear!! I know you can do it!! :o) We know you can beat this!! Where do you think Jenelle got her fighting spirit from?

You CAN DO THIS and WILL!!! We are praying for you and got your back!!

HUGS to you, Brett and the kids!!!

Gina Marie and boys

Lauren said...

we love you Kelly! Your entire Braintalk family is praying for you and sending tons of good vibes and MASSIVE hugs! we are here for you, even as far as England and Australia! thinking of you all! hang in there!

love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Brett and Kelly,

We're praying for you guys and sending 'KCA' vibes!!! I hope the nurses are more competent today and there is a breakthrough on the rash and fever. Know that we are behind you!

Becca (and family in Texas)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but have followed many in the past, including Kelly's.

I just had to leave a comment (my first one ever) to tell her that someone all the way in South Texas was thinking of her and fighting for her, too.

I will keep the entire family in my prayers and I send strong good vibes.