Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Photos to Share

As if fighting cancer and taking care of a special needs child isn't enough of a challenge, our home computer has "crashed" three times since my diagnosis in November. You can't imagine how annoying it has been to have to reinstall photos and Itunes and e-mail and such. Anyway, today I took a gamble and downloaded some photos (and copied them to Shutterfly and CD so I'm confident I won't lose them again!) I thought you might enjoy seeing some from Christmas and Jack's birthday party.

Each year for Christmas Eve, I buy the kids new PJs and force them to wear them. Luckily this year, I hit a sale and got the kids PJs about two weeks before my diagnosis. And, as tradition would have it, we take photos on Christmas Eve in front of the tree, in our Christmas PJs.

Jenelle is really starting to recognize the camera, and has many different looks. Jack is a ham as usual.

Jenelle really getting into the photo shoot.

The best one in my opinion.

Or maybe this one is the best.

Jenelle getting a little bored with all this.

Jenelle saying "She's done".

Jack on Christmas Morning reacting to his "big gift" from Santa.

Here we are celebrating Jack's birthday at the bowling alley last Saturday.

Me and Jack - the birthday kids!


Anonymous said...

I thought those looked familiar! From another blog I read:

Laura said...

Kelly you look just beautiful. And I love Janelle's hair. I know you had to cut it awhile back but it looks great. My parents gave us PJ's for Christmas Eve too as a child. I thought it was just them but I guess not. I always remember and loved opening the PJs and remember a few of my favorite PJ outfits.

Unknown said...

Christmas Eve PJ's are the best! I still buy some for myself every year! Love it!

Janelle is so cute. And you my dear look great!

Keep KCA! When you are done, you can come to Texas for the next girls weekend!

GinaMarie said...

WOW Kelly,
The kids have GROWN UP! It seems like Jenelle looks so grown up in those pics! Jack looks more mature also (along with clowning around lol). She looks like she is losing her "little girl" looks and looking like a young lady. You look awesome also. Keep fighting strong!! I still got your back with prayer!!
Gina Marie

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with how mature Jenelle looks, and how youthful you look, Kelly. Jack's the Man!


The Clemons said...

Hi kelly...we were at UCLA this week with Dr Shields and I was thinking of you as I checked out the new building and envisioning your storied ride in back in Nov. It must seem long ago by now with all you have been through. Love the pictures of the kids-darling! I have you on my desk to keep in my prayers - for you and your family too. You just have the most upbeat attitude. KCA will be for you! Lots of love, Randlyn (Kaylyn's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Kelly-Great pics, and I love the p.j.'s, too! Our family bought Madden football for the WII and the kids (including Rich) can't put it down. Brock especially loves it and always replays so I can see his "beautiful catch" as he likes to say. Hope you're taking care - KCA!

Me said...

Love the pj's - those are some of my favorite color combinations. I think one of my fav photos is the "I'm done" photo! LOL.

I'm amazed at how much Jenelle has changed just in the last month. Seriously... since November she has hit a growth spurt or something! She looks much older now. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Merrit! When I got home from the hospital, I could swear it seemed Jenelle grew 2 inches! Jack too! It made me realize just how long I'd been away from home.

Bogart said...

Looking great!