Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Routine = "New" Normal

I looked in the mirror last night and realized with my bald head, and my ears that stick out due to lack of hair... I look like my Grandpa Trawick! On the positive side, I am told that my bald head is a "pretty" one and that I have a nice, round head. I wholeheartedly agree.

Things have been going well since my being home. My fever finally went away the day after Christmas, and I am getting stronger everyday. Even my sciatic nerve is getting better. I am getting out more; we go out to lunch a lot during "off" hours (so as to avoid crowds), and today I went to Jack's basketball game. I also drove my car for the first time since before Thanksgiving for a quick trip to the local Blockbuster (literally half a mile from home.) Today Blockbuster, tomorrow Starbucks! ;)

While I know Jenelle has changed me in so many ways, one of the "new Jenelle lessons" I have come to realize is my ability to adapt to "new normals." As an A type personality, you can imagine the shock to my routine in the following weeks after Jack's birth. It's amazing how what you think is going to happen goes out to door with a new baby. You learn, even us "A type" personalities, to be flexible. Then we had Jenelle, and a year later learned very quickly how to deal with many changes in our routine. We were constantly learning our "new" normal.

That is what being home has been like for me; learning a new routine and a new normal. But I must say, I think because of all the flexibility we've learned to accept because of Jenelle, this "new normal" is easier to accept. Or perhaps I just know not to fight it, and go with what works.

Brett has been amazing. He is literally taking care of 3 kids at times (myself included) and I think is on his last thread of sanity. Thank goodness the kids go back to school tomorrow. Having our "old" routine back will be a blessing to this "new normal" that we are getting used to.

My next follow up appointment is this Thursday. I'm hoping that I'll have at least one more week before having to return for round 2. At least through the weekend, as we are having a small party for Jack's birthday on Saturday (which also happens to be my 39th birthday (i.e. 40 minus 1!) I am actually looking forward to my 39th year, as I know I will only get better and will be able to celebrate the big 40 in remission and with a new healthy outlook on life (and some new hair!) That is the perfect new year's resolution, don't you think?

We're still on the KCA campaign. Hope your new year is going well. Thank you for the continued positive thoughts and prayers.


Laura said...

What an inspiration you are! Your outlook, ability to adapt is really one of remarkable vision. Happy 21st birthday with a few year's of expeirience.

Fantastagirl said...

Here to KCA in 2009!

And for being a type A that totally understands that sometimes you just need to roll with it!

Unknown said...

I admire you! What an awesome outlook!

Here's to KCA in 2009!

Terri said...

I came accross your blog searching for more info for my daughter Megan. You sound like a strong woman. Jenelle's story sounds just like my daughters -
There is our blog there. If you dont mind me asking - what meds is she on now? I am weaning off the ACTH that did not work & am looking towards new meds???? Thank you for sharing your story - these are the things that keep me going. Best of luck and prayers for your recovery too.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing and your family has such a beautiful and fighting spirit!!!

still sending prayers for Operation KCA!!! happy 39th birthday...


Kami said...

Just got all caught up. I'm so glad you're home, and going to Blockbuster!!!

You look great, woman.


Nature Girl said...

Glad to hear you are home and doing well enough to get out a bit. Happy Birthday to both Jack and You! And yeah for a nice round head...sound's like you're rockin it over there till the new hair comes in.

Bogart said...

Glad to hear you are progressing well...still lifting you up in prayer.