Monday, August 04, 2008

Jenelle gets an award at school!

Last Wednesday was the award/promotion ceremony at Jenelle's school. This was our third such ceremony. They are always emotional, and this year was no exception. These kids have done some amazing things much due to the wonderful dedication of the teachers, aides and staff.

Earlier last month, we found out that our school district wanted to move Jenelle into a new class within the District away from this wonderful program where she has thrived. We fought it and thankfully she will stay put for next year!

Jenelle has had an exceptional year when it comes to her progress. I wasn't sure what her teacher was going to pick when it came to her award this year; walking or eating. I will let you listen to the video below to find out. Her teacher says she went with "her favorite." The award was overshadowed however by one amazing thing... This year instead of being wheeled to the podium, Jenelle walked! I am just tickled pink to see this progress!

Please enjoy this short clip of Jenelle "walking" to the podium to receive her award from the principal. Her teacher is speaking and she is walking with the aide.

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deb said...

How amazing! This brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face!