Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Seizures & Another Article!

I just wanted to give a quick update on our girl. In the last week we've seen a slight improvement with the crying episodes since starting back on Tranxene. Unfortunately, the improvement has been very, very slight. And just because she likes to keep us on our toes, Jenelle has decided to increase her seizures. She is having very long absence seizures (complex partial - the staring seizure) and had a small cluster last Saturday totalling almost 10 minutes. I'm trying to see if there is a connection with the crying and the seizures (i.e. is she crying before they happen or after?) but so far no luck. Last night I noticed and felt what might be new molars coming in, so that could be the culprit. For now, we're just watching her carefully, and if things don't improve over the weekend, I'll be calling UCLA.

And just to brag a little, our story has been published once again. In January, I was interviewed by the national magazine for my sorority, The Trident of Delta Delta Delta. The magazine was doing an article about the "Mommy Wars" to discuss the issues between working and non-working Moms. In my interview, I answered questions about my decision to be a working Mom and expanded a little by explaining some of the difficulties of being a working Mom of a special needs child. I received the Spring 2007 issue of The Trident in August during the time I was busy working on a jury trial. The magazine contained not only the article quoting some of my interview answers, but a sub-article entitled "Notes From the Trenches" where they printed one of my responses in full and gave me a by-line. Unfortunately, they had me confused with another member and state that I went to college at Texas A&M instead of UC Santa Barbara. Because The Trident is not a publication you will likely find at your local Barnes & Nobel, I scanned the article and you can read it below. (Click on the page to enlarge it - my article is on the 4th page.) Enjoy!

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