Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad news and Good news!

Well, this week has been a bad one for Jenelle as far as seizures are concerned. Earlier in the week, Jenelle had a bad cluster of seizures ending in our having to use Diastat (her emergency seizure medication.) She had a cluster of seizures that went on for almost 2 hours, but the Diastat did its job! UCLA thinks teething might be the culprit so we are going to continue to monitor these seizures. This is why we have Diastat, and hopefully we can stay out of the ER!

However, onto the good news … Jenelle has made HUGE strides in eating this week! As of last weekend, Jenelle has been taking 3 jars of baby food by mouth each day, and is drinking her formula from a special straw out of the can! Her school informs me that they haven't used her g-tube for feedings at all, and at home, we've only used it for medications or to finish a feeding if she seems too tired. This progress came out of nowhere, and is simply amazing. I honestly think I had given up on any chance of Jenelle ever eating by mouth. She also likes special cheetos, bread and croutons. We think her desire to start chewing was instigated by her teething, so with that in mind, we'll deal with the seizures!

That is all for now. Thanks for your continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!


Brooklyn said...

How exciting...solid foods! yea Jenelle!!!! I am sorry to hear about the seizures, it does seem there is always good AND bad. Congrats though!

Anonymous said...

how wonderful that jenelle is eating solid foods! fantastic!

Ivey's Mom said...

Sounds like progress is in motion.

Ivey had a round of seizures about three weeks ago. Ivey's seizures range from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. They are long ones. This last round seems to have been brought on by teething too. We have diastat, but have not used it yet. I am terrified to. Ivey is so small and normally it is used for children over two. But because of the length of time that she seizes, we have it for emergency and I have been informed to pull out all of our emergency equipment when I give it to her. He does not know how she will respond.

Congrats on her eating. I wonder if Ivey will ever truly eat without the supplemental use of her mickey button. Right now she will take about 1/2 a teaspoon of baby food at one sitting. Not much but atleast it is some, right?

I think all of your news is wonderful news. Think of you often.

Naomi said...

It's been a while since I blogged and what wonderful news to read.

Jenelle sounds like she's making amazing progress and she's just as cute as ever :-)