Thursday, May 24, 2007

Small Miracles

Imagine, you child is almost 5 years old. And last week for the "third" time in her life, she laughed and smiled and giggled and was happy all day! The rest of the time has been spent with a somber child who cries on an off, who has personality but never really shows happiness, who shows her love, but rarely shows a smile.

Kim and Andrew - I am so happy for you and your "third giggly Lily day!" She is so beautiful - I pray for many more days like this to come!


Danielle said...

I love that you are celebrating them like this. Lily is so worth celebrating :)

Also, your post, very good. I think it is hard to read, and maybe somewhat hard to understand, but it so needs to be said. Thank you for being honest and real.

Anonymous said...

i'm a quiet reader of both yours and lily's blogs (my son gage is 5 with L-G) but i was so happy for them as well.
it's a rare moment when my son smiles or laugh's anymore so i understand just how precious those days are.
it's funny people with healthy kids never get to experience just how amazing a simple smile or laugh can them it's just another thing to take for granted.
makes you wonder who the lucky people really are.

Ivey's Mom said...

It takes alot of guts and confidence for the last post. I have only been in this special needs world with my daughter for one year. She turned one in April and you spoke things that I have caught myself thinking. Oh not often, but on rare hard occassions. Mainly when the chips are falling down.

Sometimes it is comforting to know that I am not going at this alone - there are others out there - you for one. I appreciate that I can learn from your experiences as well. Our situations are very different; however, when you spoke of the knowing that Jenelle will need care during her life, so will Ivey. Sometimes I am grateful knowing that I can provide and care for her like no one else. Still, I had certains plans for my life outside of my children. All that has changed.
I also have two sons to share in their life experiences. My heart aches sometimes though. She was to be my last and she was my girl.
Thank you for sharing. Thank you for courage. I think people on the outside don't realize that the parents of special needs children are so much more than just parents. We are adults, husbands and wives, whom also have visions for our selves outside of the encompassing task (that we love) of being parents.
I so happy to read that she had one incrdible day!!

Ben and Bennie said...

I can't even imagine the difficulty because Ben is always so happy. I would celebrate too. I pray there are MANY more celebrations to come.