Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jenelle in the Local News!

Early today, I checked my e-mail and received notice that an article about Jenelle and the Epilepsy Freedom Walk had appeared in the "on line" edition of our local news paper. If you are finding this website from that article - Welcome!

We gave the interview last Friday and the photographer took photos on Monday. The writer was very sweet and took in a lot of information in a short time. There are two things mentioned that are slightly incorrect; I am not on the board for the Epilepsy Alliance, I am just on the Freedom Walk planning committee and Jenelle's seizures are "neurological" - we just don't know what causes them. Jack loved having his photo taken, and is quite a ham as you can see and Jenelle was fascinated by the clicking of the camera. It was fun!

You can read the article and view the photos here.

Thank you to Erika Torres and photographer Miguel Vasconcellos of the Tustin News. We appreciate your help and efforts to spread the word about our fundraising goals and our special little girl!


Special Needs Mama Prof said...

Bravo!!! And thanks for including your corrections.... ;) Off to make a donation to Jenelle's Avocados, which I should have done ages ago.

Kim said...

Aww Kelly, that was awesome! I LOVE that article! I never knew she was given a short life span.... ugh... well she is certainly, alive and living well! She is awesome and you are awesome! You are doing an amazing job with her and making our world a better place!

Ben and Bennie said...

Awesome Jenelle!!! Let's make all our little angels famous. Oh and mom isn't too bad herself. ;)

Danielle said...

I think Bennie's dad is hitting on you :::wink:::

I know I have already commented once, but just so you know, I think the article is GREAT and I hope she gets lots of attention from it. She deserves it! :)

jennifergg said...

Congratulations, what an inspiring article!