Friday, July 21, 2006

Big Brother Jack has learned new skills!

Last Sunday we were busy painting the ceiling in the kitchen (notice the cover on the counters in back of the photo) and it came time to feed Jenelle. I told Brett it was time to teach Jack how to feed Jenelle and he agreed. Jack was very excited about it as well. See Jack holding the syringe (bolus) for Jenelle's g-tube feeding? Jack was so proud of himself and only spilled once when Jenelle accidentally hit the syringe (which is something she does frequently.) He even learned how to "clamp off" the tube!

Not sure why he felt it necessary to wear his swim goggles. Sometimes he like to wear them and pretend he is Spartacus (a cartoon character on Lazytown)! Someday soon, Jack will be big enough and strong enough to lift and carry Jenelle as well. And someday, only Jack and Brett will be the only ones able to lift Jenelle. My back is already not dealing well with her 30 pounds.

What a different life Jack will have, huh?


Doris said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. My daughter Edda has Rett Syndrome and was just recently diagnosed. I also have an older son who, even at 4 years old, knows that he has to look after his little sister a bit more than other older brothers. It didn't occur to me that Vince would help me lift Edda someday. Vince is 2 years older than Edda, but only about 4 pounds heavier, I think Edda may outpace him in weight soon.

Leightongirl said...

That is so great. These sibs are truly "different" people to their special needs brothers and sisters.

Army of Mom said...

He will be an incredible person for having had a special sister. My eldest has so many special needs, but we have seldom treated him any differently than any other child and for that we are grateful. I know we have many challenges ahead of us as we approach his teen years, but we are blessed for all of the challenges. Jack will be a more compassionate person, I am certain.