Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sitting pretty!

We had a birthday party for Jenelle's big brother Jack today. As the party was getting started, I was in the kitchen mixing the salad when I looked across the room to see this...

I almost didn't recognize my own daughter!

Grandma had Jenelle "sitting pretty" like a big girl in the chair. She held herself like this for quite a while. Amazing! She has come so far.

Also, please keep Jenelle's Nana (my Mom) in your prayers and positive thoughts. She was admitted to the hospital this evening with pneumonia. They live 4 hours away, and we have our appointments at UCLA this week, so I don't think I can make the trip. She is usually very healthy, so I'm sure she'll be OK. Thanks so much!

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Naomi said...

I love all the new photos of Jenelle, she is making amazing progress and she looks so pretty in pink :-)