Monday, January 09, 2006

She's getting so big!

I've been sick with that cold Jenelle had over Christmas. No fun! This weekend, Jenelle and I had a great day together on Saturday. Brett took Jack to his cousin's house to play and I spent time cleaning the house and cleaning out Jenelle's closet. I can't believe she is getting so big. I removed everything from her closet that was size 2T and re-organized her many cute outfits. I kept Jenelle in her bed while I did this and we listened to music. It seems she can't stop moving these days, and love to roll all over the place.

While taking a break, I decided to jump into her bed and tickle her. She just cracked up laughing and really seemed to enjoy it. It also seemed she was watching me because every time I'd make a move to tickle her she'd get a huge smile on her face and just laugh. We had a great time doing this for a few minutes, then she rolled to the side to take a nap. Jenelle is a "cat nap" queen. It felt good to do something fun.

For Christmas, Jenelle got a V-Tech storybook that reads nursery rhymes aloud when you flip each page. After putting on her PJs Saturday night, I sat her in my lap and we "read" the book together. Usually Jenelle does not like to sit still for anything, but she seemed to enjoy this book. It was like I was really reading a bedtime story to her. So fun.

Tomorrow we see the Kidney Doctor. I'll update if there is anything new.

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