Friday, June 24, 2005

We're home - without answers!

We left the hospital yesterday evening around 6:00 p.m. As I was dressing Jenelle in her regular clothes so we could leave, she started laughing and giggling as if to say "Ha, I'm finally going home - told ya I wasn't sick!" After getting home late and working on 4 loads of laundry (how that piles up when we aren't home I'll never know!) it was much too late for me to put my mind into a meaningful update. I'm still tired today- so I'll be brief. The CT results were "normal" and ruled out appendix, G-tube dislocation and, I didn't realize it with my last update, but colitis as well. Without more bloody stools, the GI doctor didn't feel a colonoscopy was warranted. Bacically, GI is now pointing us back to Neuro saying her symptoms are "neurological" and of course Neuro wants GI to look further into it - either way we are home and Jenelle is still cranky and is still having diaharria. Someday it would be really nice if we could get a simple, "This is what's wrong, and this is what you need to do to stop it!" from our doctors… maybe someday.

Prior to leaving, they switched her formula to a "pre-digested" brand called Peptamen Jr., and started her on a "pro-biotic" to help the bacteria in her tummy. She was all smiles after taking that, except for a brief period of inconsolable crying after her bath last night. Also, she still suffers from insomnia and didn't fall asleep until almost midnight. So, our two possible answers are that she had something viral (which I doubt because she hasn't been at school or daycare long enough to get sick!) or she was not tolerating the new formula. Basically, Jenelle stumps the doctors once more.

Brett and I are thinking we should start looking into food allergies. The very good news regarding that end is that we have a close family friend who just happens to be the best pediatric allergist in Southern California! We will follow up with GI Doctor and Dr. Patel on Monday and will be requesting a referral to see the allergist, Dr. Gillman, as soon as possible! Ironically, Dr. Gillman is the one who pulled strings for us to get an early Neuro appointment back when Jenelle was only 6 months old, so I guess we've gone full circle now. The only "specialists" Jenelle isn't seeing these days include an Oncologist and Cardiologist (thankfully!)

The good news is that her seizures are under control and we aren't seeing any. Also she has somehow gained a pound since her G-tube was started, so that is good as well. Thanks for thinking of us this week and for the special prayers. I'll update next week after our follow up appointments.

P.S. - Brett said you know you’re a regular at the Emergency Room when you have them on your "online bill pay" to cover all our co-payments. Lets hope we can eventually have a quiet summer and leave the nice people at the ER alone!

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