Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back in the hospital!

Well, Jenelle is back in the hospital! Yesterday she had a low grade fever, so I called Dr. Patel since it hasn’t been a week since the G-tube was placed. He of course told me to go to the ER for blood work and other tests. I called Brett with the news and neither of us wanted to go. We had a babysitter and Angels tickets and really needed a break. So we decided to check her before leaving for the game, and after. She was fine when we got home around 10:00 and fell asleep earlier than usual. This morning she has a slight, low grade fever of 99.9, so we decided not to go to the ER. However, when I was changing her G-Tube bandage, I noticed blood, so I decided we needed to go.

Jenelle had already been given Motrin less than a half an hour before we arrived at the ER, and was running a fever of 101. They saw her immediately, started IV fluids and ran blood and urine tests. Of course, the test results were fine – no sign of infection. They checked the G-tube site and said the blood I saw was something called “granulation”, and apparently completely normal. The site looked fine and was not infected. So, we were hoping to go home, until unfortunately, Jenelle started seizing. As you know from my last update, we haven’t seen seizures in a while. She had quite a few and needed Diastat, her emergency seizure med. After that, the Doctor felt she needed to be admitted for observation.

So, here we are – our favorite place in the world – NOT! The good news is that because her problem is most likely viral, we have a private room. The bad news is that she has continued to have seizures and had to be given Ativan (another emergency seizure med) before coming up to her room. She was doing well, but started to have seizures again. So, not sure how long we’ll be here, but I’ll update when I can! Please pray we can go home tomorrow!

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