Friday, March 18, 2005

Our "Typical" 2 Year Old!

Well, we went to the ER last night even though I really did not want to spend St. Patrick's Day in the ER - it was packed! When Jenelle woke from her afternoon nap, she again refused her bottle only taking an ounce of fluid, and did not have a wet diaper. We arrived in the ER at 4pm, and got to leave around 9:30 - not too bad. Believe it or not... she is fine. She is NOT dehydrated, her liver function was normal and her bi-carb level is 20- almost normal and definitely within UCLA's limits for the diet! Basically, the "worst case scenario" is that we have a typical 2 year old who is being picky about wanting to drink her bottle! WOW - who would have ever thought Jenelle was just being normal!

I was in touch with UCLA while we were at the ER, and they faxed a letter and the labs to the ER to help us out. When I spoke to the nurse at UCLA just after we were discharged, she was just as shocked as we were! While at the ER, I was convinced she was dehydrated because they were unable to get a vein for an IV and she did not have tears when she cried. Apparently her labs said otherwise!

UCLA still wants her to see a kidney doctor before rescheduling the diet. We are now waiting to get an appointment with the doctor we were referred to at CHOC. Dr. Shields drafted a letter to this doctor explaining his concerns and why it was an urgent need to get her in. We should hear something soon - please pray that she gets in quickly!

We appreciate the support - I'll keep you updated!

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