Friday, March 11, 2005

Go Bruins! UCLA, here we come!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that everything is in place for Jenelle's admission to start the Ketogenic Diet at UCLA this Monday, March 14! This week has been crazy - I'll spare you from the details of Jenelle's "clean out" and simply say, Jenelle and Mount St. Helens have a lot in common! ;) The good news is that since her "clean out" last weekend, we've seen a completely different child in Jenelle. On Tuesday she laughed in response to Brett laughing at the TV - a laugh we haven't heard in many, many months (I can't even remember the last time I heard her laugh!) She's had fewer seizures, and is just so different! A very good way to start next week!

Both kids had a bout with Pink Eye this week …enough said about that! In addition to dealing with pink eye, my sore shoulder, work (for both of us) and shopping for Ketogenic diet supplies, the family has been busy and excited for Jenelle's Godmother's wedding this weekend in Dana Point! Jenelle's Godmother is Brett's Cousin Shelly (Brett's cousin) and we are very happy for both her and soon to be husband Alain. My Mother is in route as I type (hopefully) to watch the kids this weekend while the rest of the Brett's side of the family is celebrating the wedding. Mom will stay on through next week to be with Jack while we are at UCLA. Jack is thrilled to see his Nana again and Nana is pretty excited about it too! Nana is even thinking of taking Jack to visit my Aunt Onie sometime next week - so I'm sure he'll be spoiled rotten, and will barely notice we're gone!

So we will be out of touch for most of next week - I'll try to update if I can. Please keep Jenelle in your thoughts and prayers next week as we start the diet. After seeing her response to the "clean out", I am for once very optimistic and hope we are finally going in the right direction towards total seizure control for our girl!

Thanks again! Kelly

P.S. Jenelle will be staying at Mattel Children's Hospital on the UCLA Campus. Admission is after 12pm on Monday (assuming they have a bed!) At lot of her stay will be "education" for us on how to feed her and calculate her meals. Visiting hours are 10am to 9pm - just in case you are in the area! ;) GO BRUINS!

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