Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas from Jenelle's Family!

Merry Christmas from Jenelle and family!  This is our Christmas Card from this year - enjoy!

Front of this year's Christmas Card taken at Kennedy Space Center

Epcot, and Jenelle meeting Tink!

As for an update on Jenelle - Jenelle had sedated dental work done at CHOC on November 5 to pull one baby tooth and fill two cavities!  All went well, so we were hoping her appetite would return, but fixing the teeth didn't fix the eating issues.

We saw Dr. Idries for a GI follow up in November, and Dr. Tran for a neurology follow up on December 2.  At the GI follow up, Jenelle had gained 6 pounds. With the dental procedure not helping her appetite; Dr. Idries increased her Ensure to 4 cans a day, and thought that maybe Jenelle wasn't eating due to nausea.  (Yes, I scratch my head at that too!  Please tell me my poor child has not been nauseated for 6 months!)  We added anti-nausea medication, but still no change in Jenelle's eating.  It has been frustrating - but we are still not giving up!

When we saw Dr. Tran, she thought that maybe Jenelle was still not eating because of the Zarontin.  She also agreed that Jenelle had room to increase Felbamate, and possible go down on Zarontin.  Jenelle is still having many seizures, and now unfortunately is having an increase in "drop" seizures.  Dr. Tran has ordered another Video EEG for the end of January, where we can hopefully change her medications in a safe environment.

That is all for now on Jenelle.  Jack has enjoyed his first few months in High School.  He was starting Quarterback for the Freshman Football Team and is now actively playing with the Freshman Basketball Team.  Shortly before Thanksgiving; we went to visit Nana & Poppa George in Visalia.  Nana gave Jack his first driving lesson at the same location where I learned to drive - the Lindsay District Cemetery!  Here are some photos of our visit - Can't believe he gets his permit next year!

Nana and Jenelle!

JD in the driver's seat!
AND, the best news of the year?  Jenelle FINALLY got her new wheelchair!

I hope to update more in 2016, and wish you and yours a very happy holiday and a blessed New Year!

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