Saturday, May 26, 2012

She's getting so big, so fast!

One word to describe Jenelle these past few months = Amazing.  A few weeks ago, I picked her up from Aunt Nicki's after a meeting and she was asleep on the floor.  As I looked down at her, instead of seeing the little girl I'm used to seeing, I couldn't believe how big she looked.  And before I could say it, Aunt Nicki said, "Gosh doesn't she look grown up like that?"  Now more than ever in her life, I want to make time stand still so I can soak up ever bit of her amazing transformation.

People say it all the time; kids grow up way too fast.  It's hard for me to believe that Jack has 3 more weeks in elementary school and will be headed to Middle School.  That I'm actually looking at adding another cell phones to our plan so he can have one.  I can't believe that this season of Little League is over, and that Jack has one year left.  Time goes by so fast.

In mid April, I saw a story in the Register about a Hummingbird web cam that was following a Momma Hummingbird named Emma, and her two eggs.  The eggs were just about to hatch, and I became obsessed with watching the camera feed.  I had it playing at work in the background of my computer screen and checked in periodically.  Although I missed the first egg hatching, I witnessed the birth of the second baby bird when it hatched during my lunch one day.  Within a weeks time, these babies went from tiny raisin like creatures to something that resembled a baby bird.  As you will see at the website, the nest itself is slightly bigger than a quarter, the babies the size of a penny, and the eggs the size of Tic-Tacs!  I kept in touch with this web cam, and their Facebook page for two weeks, and watched these birds transform from eggs to full grown Hummingbirds.  From birth to fledge, all in little over 21 days.  Time goes by so fast.

Jenelle's seizures have been consistent, and last night after her 3rd two minute grand mal I decided to page the on call doctor at UCLA to decide on a game plan.  The seizures had been hours apart, but it isn't like Jenelle to have so many in one day.  It is always nice to talk the situation over with the doctor so I don't second guess myself.  The on call doctor at UCLA agreed that we should consider using Diastat with the next seizure should she have one regardless of how long it goes.  Sometimes even half the dose of Diastat will give her the break she needs.  Luckily, I monitored Jenelle until putting her to bed and the rest of the evening and morning was uneventful.

At Jenelle's recent GI appointment, we found that Jenelle has gained 6 pounds in the last four months.  That is probably the culprit that is wreaking havoc on the seizure control we once had.  The on call doctor suggested I e-mail Dr. Shields on Tuesday to discuss increasing Jenelle's usual meds since we won't be seeing him until July.  Sounds like a solid plan to me!

In the next hour or so we'll be off to watch Jack's travel baseball team play a tournament in West Covina.  Hopefully it will be a good day for Jenelle, and the Tustin Rampage.  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, and remember to reflect on it's true meaning.  Remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of our country, and for our freedom.  Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts.  I'll keep you posted.

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