Friday, December 11, 2009

A new lease on life

I can't help it, but I smile a lot more these days. I smile to myself in the car. I smile at people in the grocery store. I smile on my way to the printer at work. I smiled at 10 homeless people sitting outside the County Recorder's office this morning. I even offered a cheerful "good morning" to one man who actually gave me a smile in return. I'm smiling as I type this right now!

It is said that people who survive a life changing experience such as cancer often experience what they call a new lease on life. While the optimist in me wants me to think my whole cancer thing wasn't really that big a deal, I do realize it was. And that I came very close to dying.

So without fully embracing it, I have noticed subtle changes in myself for the better. Like smiling, and laughing, and striking up conversations with strangers. I find myself being more patient and not so hung up on the little things. At work I feel much more organized. I'm even happy to be at work and absolutely love what I do. It's a fresh start. A new lease with life.

As a survivor, you want to teach this to others, and share this happiness with the world. But sometimes there are people who simply can't change. I wouldn't wish for anyone to have to experience cancer, but for those who survive, there are silver linings and hidden gifts. And for even the most positive people, like myself, there are always new lessons to learn about happiness.

Try to find a new lease on life for yourself, without having to experience cancer. Try smiling more - it helps. Always be thankful for what we have in this world, because it is so very special.

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genevieve said...

That is very beautiful, Kelly, and very true.(Signed in this time!)