Friday, May 09, 2008

MRI Results

I got an e-mail yesterday from Dr. Shields' assistant about Jenelle's MRI results from April 16. Not surprisingly, the results were "normal" (whatever that means!) His assistant said there were some "sinus issues" noted, but that it was nothing very serious. I've arranged for UCLA to send the films and the report to our metabolic doctor (Dr. Chang at CHOC) as he originally requested these tests be done. We should meet with Dr. Chang in the next month or two so we can discuss the MRI/MR Spectroscopy in detail.

Speaking of "normal" - How's that for timing with Blogging Against Disablism Day? ;)

Jenelle continues to be battling an increase in seizures recently. It's hard to watch this happen as the seizures leave her so very tired. Last Sunday, Jenelle actually took a nap in the middle of the day (after having a rather long seizure that morning) which is very unusual as she rarely naps. All the usual suspects like illness and teeth have been ruled out. Dr. Shields increased her Felbatol a week ago, and since doing that the seizures has decreased a bit, but we're still seeing more than usual. He and I will speak again next week, and determine where to go from there. Please keep her in your thoughts that they don't get too out of hand until we can get control again of these nasty seizures.

Thanks again for the continued thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted.


Leightongirl said...

Oh gee. Just when it was going okay. I'm sorry.

Reagan Leigh said...

It's so frustrating! There are quite a few kids (that I follow on a regular basis) that are having this same problem right now. You think you have a handle on these things and then you're hit again! Poor girl. Hang in there and Jenelle is always in my prayers.

Bogart said...

There are times that the strength of Parents of children with special needs really stands out...thank you for sharing about your gift.