Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Special Treat

My parents, Nana and Poppa George, live 4 hours away and because of the distance it is hard for us to travel with Jenelle to see them. She does not do well seizure wise on the drive over the mountains. This weekend, Nana and Poppa came down so we could open Christmas gifts together and celebrate Nana and Poppa's 45th Wedding Anniversary next weekend. We had lunch on Saturday at Crystal Court and Nana got a special treat; Jenelle sitting all by herself without assistance on the chair!

Saturday evening, Jack and I took Nana and Poppa George to the Crystal Cathedral to see the "Glory of Christmas". Daddy stayed home with Jenelle - we didn't think she'd sit through it. It was a beautiful performance and the church was pretty with the beautiful tree outside. We got the tickets for Mom & Dad's Anniversary. Here they are with Jack outside.

And just because I'm sharing photos, I thought I'd share this great one of the kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus, courtesy of our local Police Department. Each year, they drive up practically to our front door and give out candy canes to the kids. What a treat!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, with many magical moments like the ones we shared above!

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