Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just a short update

Here is a photo of Jenelle on Thanksgiving with her Daddy and Godmother Shelly in the background. She had a wonderful day and enjoyed playing with her cousins and getting in the middle of things. I love this photo because her hair looks perfect - Normally it is a messy mop! Lately she really likes for me to dry her hair with the hair dryer (with the attached diffuser for the curls.) She hangs onto the sink and watches in the mirror.

Last Friday we went to the family cabin in Lake Arrowhead, and by Saturday it seemed the altitude brought on more seizures than normal for Jenelle. She also had a difficult time falling asleep so the weekend was rough for her. The weather was cold and both she and Jack have red cheeks.

Tomorrow is Jenelle's IEP at school. I'm not worried about a thing and am rather excited to hear all the good reports I am expecting from her teachers and therapists. I hope we can increase some time for speech therapy, or maybe incorporate assisted technology like switchboards. Over the weekend, whenever Jenelle was hungry, she would crawl to her highchair and wait. While in Lake Arrowhead, we went to church on Sunday. As we opened the door to go outside, Jenelle made for the door and was so quick, she almost got out the door on her own!

We're still waiting on the Neurotransmitter authorization. I spoke with Dr. Chang's office, and we should be hearing from them soon. Today was supposed to be a follow up appointment and they have rescheduled us for January 2. I guess that means we'll get the LP done sometime before the end of the year!

We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


janna said...

Oh, I can so relate! My dd with LGS, Brittany always has more seizures when we are away from home.

I am gald I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of Jenelle!! I love it!

Anonymous said...