Wednesday, August 01, 2007

5 Blogs That Make Me Think!

My friend Toni recently tagged this blog for the Thinking Blogger's Award because she says, this is a blog that makes her think! Ironically, I was tagged with this award some months ago by Vicki, but I didn't see it until a month later, so I decided that was too late to post about it.
So now, two people have awarded us the "Thinking Blogger's Award", so I decided it was time to accept the accolades. I've always been moved by how Jenelle's story touches so many people all over the world, and to be awarded like this is an extra special bonus. Thank you for the recognition! And now, in the spirit of this award, I get to tell you about my 5 (favorite) blogs that make me think!

The Thinking Blogger Award!

6 Year Med: What can I say about Danielle that I haven't already said in this blog? I think next to her own Mother, I am Danielle's biggest cheer leader and fan! This girl will be an exceptional doctor because she already gets the hard part that some doctors never understand - you need to understand your patients and their families! I've learned more about medical school, the profession and the quirks of doctors than I ever imagined from Danielle's blog. And if she doesn't get a great "Match" in May, I may just have to hunt down these hospitals and give them a piece of my mind! On top of enjoying her writing, I feel like Danielle is a good friend too. The difference in our age is barely noticeable when we correspond, and she has a lovely personality to boot!

It's A Wonderful Life: I found Kelly's blog via Danielle's. Of course, how many Kelly's in the world could there be with daughter's with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome? Well, apparently there are two and us and we both call our daughters "Boo!" Kelly reminds me of God's role in all this. She is very uplifting and often gives me reasons to be thankful for this different life we lead.

Just Regular Folks: I love this blog because the whole family gets involved. Most special needs blogs are written by the Mother (with the exception this one and Bennie of course!) Their little girl has Rhett Syndrome and is similar to Jenelle in many ways. There is a lot of love from around the world at this blog. What I like most is that at times it doesn't always talk about the special needs child. Sometimes, we all need a break, and this blog is a shining example of a family doing just that!

Special & Needy: "Co-pays and Canoli" - Yep, that pretty much sums it all up! Mete is a wonderful person and has been a reader of this blog for a long time now. She is a new Mommy too which could explain her absence of late at her blog. I have always loved her blog as it is ever changing - the last theme had a photo of her son's AFOs that I could have taken myself! Mete has kind thoughts and words for all of us and understands everything so well. And of course, she has my sense of humor and that is our best survival instinct I truly believe.

Neonatal Doc: This blog is a recent find for me. The stories are moving and so very emotional. This blog made me realize that sometimes, many parents enter into this world of Special Needs knowing ahead of time or from the start. We had a lovely "honeymoon" as I call it with Jenelle where the first 4 months or so we were convinced everything was normal. I think it was meant to be that way, because had I known ahead of time what we might be facing, I'm not sure I would have gone down this road. Either way you start it isn't easy, but in all there are miracles to be found, and many such stories are told here.

I wanted to note that there were a couple of blogs that I wanted to mention, but they have already been dubbed with this award, so I didn't want to burden them any further. Vicki at "Speak Softly" and Bennie at "A Work of Art". I get a lot of inspiration from these bloggers, and they make me think on more than one occasion. I didn't want to leave them out without mention.

I truly appreciate your comments, e-mails and awards. It is a privilege to share our daughter with you and your recognition gives me so much in return. Thank you!


Danielle said...

Ah, you are too kind. I love you and Jenelle so much!!

I am glad you posted about Dori's site too. I love her pictures.

I am such an aloof (read: lazy!) blogger that I have been nominated before, but like you, never got around to doing my part. But now that YOU have nominated me...I will just have to get with the program.

Thank you for the kind words!

Doris said...

Hi Kelly, Thanks for nominating me, I blushed when I read your post because I couldn't believe that you picked me. :) Give Jenelle a hug from me!

Special Needs Mama Prof said...

Rock on Miss Kelly! And thanks for the nod...

Mete said...

Aw, thanks Kelly! I'm really honored you'd say I make you think, especially since I can't even think myself these days! Yes, new mommy-hood on top of the usual chaos that is our life is knocking me down right now, but I WILL get around to posting again soon. Don't give up on me yet!

Glad to see Jenelle is doing so well - she looks great! I especially love to see her dancing shots. Take care. :)