Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the midnight hour...

Jack came into our room last night at 12:30 claiming he was scared. He climbed into our bed and stayed for a while, and then asked me to take him back to his room. He never said what scared him, and he did not seem to remember anything about it this morning.

This got me thinking – does Jenelle have nightmares? If she were scared in the middle of the night, how would she find me? Because her mind works so differently, does that also mean that she does not understand the concept of fear? Sometimes she cries for no reason and seems comforted by being held. But honestly, until she can talk – we’ll may know. Just another one of those glaring differences between kids like Jenelle and typical kids like Jack.

Sometimes I imagine her mind is much like mine. Intelligent of course, and mature beyond her years. But then when you think of all the aspects of childhood, you have to wonder if she imagines things, or gets scared, or if she is even thinking at all. I wonder if the seizures took that innocence away, or rather that she is blissfully ignorant to the concept.


Summer is in full swing for us as Jack graduated from Kindergarten last week and started summer camp on Monday. He seems to be affected by the change in routine, but for the most part is enjoying summer camp. Jenelle’s school does not let out until the end of July – thankfully only giving them the month of August off. The daycare situation is good for now as Jenelle's daycare provider is thinking about making changes so she can focus more on special needs kids, and keep more children like Jenelle. For now, daycare is secure for August, which was my greatest concern.

Here we are at Jack's graduation. I held back my tears rather well, until his teacher announced a very special guest - the Father of one of Jack's classmates had arrived 2 hours before the ceremony from Kuwait! He was still wearing his desert fatigues, and the journey took him 3 days. That really put things into perspective, and everyone joyfully and tearfully welcomed him home!

I got a message yesterday from UCLA Genetics to call them today, and I am waiting to hear back. Perhaps we will finally have the results of the Rhett Test? I'll keep you posted as soon as I know!

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Kim said...

i think about this too. i think about tummy aches. little kids say they have them so often and i think, does lily's tummy hurt too?
so much behind these beautiful eyes, so little we understand.