Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not only can she stand... she can sleep while standing too!

Brett just sent me a couple of photos of Jenelle that he took from his cell phone. On Sunday, I took Jack with me to the grocery store and left Jenelle with Daddy. Brett had been up early on Sunday working the pancake breakfast at Jack's school and was trying to take a nap. Apparently Jenelle did not want her Daddy to ignore her, so she kept crying and eventually crawled over to him on the couch, hit him and bit him until he played with her. Clearly she was over-tired and did not want to share nap time with Daddy.

After throwing a fit, Jenelle eventually fell asleep... while she was standing up! As you may recall, Jenelle likes to pull herself up into a stand and lately has been leaning up against the couch to do this. Brett says this photo doesn't do it justice as she was standing as straight as can be!

And of course, I think this is her best smile ever!


ladybug said...

you have a beautiful family!!! i love reading about your family, and Jenelle's progress!!! that smile is a killer...she is a little charmer for sure - makes me want to hug her!

thanks for sharing your life & your lovely family with all of us out here!

Danielle said...

Oh good gravy she is too funny! She really is asleep! What a girl. And yup, that is a great smile! Ah...I wont say it..okay, I will...I miss her!