Friday, November 03, 2006

Jenelle pulls herself up to stand!

Well, I wasn't expecting this day so soon... And we are thrilled! Tonight after getting home I walked in the living room to find Jenelle standing and holding onto the couch all by herself! I was shocked... And so very proud! She had this look on her face like "What do I do now?"

Our determined little girl kept trying to stand (and cruise) for a long time, enough to let me get some photos and a short video clip. In the video, she doesn't stand quite as straight as she was when I first found her, but you get the general idea! Look out world - we're on our way to cruising! ;)

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Here are a couple of photos of her using the couch to pull up, and big brother Jack helping his sister stand tall!


Anonymous said...

That is incredible. Good job!

Danielle said...

And it happened durring Epilepsy Awareness Month. That's the way, Jenelle. Kick "E" in the butt!!!!

ellie said...

Way to go, Jenelle!

Mete said...

Awesome news! So excited for all of you!