Monday, October 23, 2006

The update on our new 4 year old!

Jenelle was sick with a fever last Wednesday, and that turned out to be something "viral" so we didn't start Antibiotics. On Thursday evening she broke out in a rash that had us worried that we'd have to cancel her birthday, but as it turns out, the rash was not contagious and most likely a reaction to having our carpets cleaned earlier in the week. Thank goodness too as I was worried it was Fifth's Disease, which is very contagious! When we saw the doctor on Friday for the rash, she had a double ear infection so we started anti-biotics and she's been doing well ever since! Jenelle is weighing 36 1/2 pounds (that is a 4 pound increase since our last appointment with her GI doctor in September) and she is 39 1/2 inches long. Believe me, I can feel every one of those extra pounds when lifting her! Ugh!

We had a small party with family and close friends on Sunday for Jenelle and she really seemed to enjoy everyone. It is nice when people who haven't seen her for a while tell you all the different ways she has improved. Jenelle is "getting around" on her own these days, but it isn't what you would call crawling. Her personality is showing now and she is quite a people person. Last week we met with her Regional Center social worker, and Jenelle made it all the way across the room to put her chin on the social worker's knee. It was definitely a first, and a very good sign that she is becoming more social.

Big Brother Jack is enjoying school and loves Kindergarten. Today starts "Red Ribbon Week" where the kids are learning "Just say NO" to drugs. While waiting in car line this morning there was a big red ribbon around the tree outside so Jack asked me what Red Ribbon week was for, and I told him. He then said, "But Mommy, Jenelle takes drugs!" So I had to explain that when used properly, drugs were good and they keep Jenelle from having seizures, but that it isn't good to use drugs when they aren't needed. I think he got the idea, and hope he doesn't tell his teacher he has a druggie for a sister! That would not be fun!

We can only expect things to improve! Thanks again for the continued prayers and positive thoughts - they are working! I'll keep you posted!

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Penny L. Richards said...

My daughter had the same question last year in Kindergarten, during Red Ribbon Week. Her older brother takes meds to control seizures--and she had to take longterm antibiotics after a positive TB test. And she knows that both her parents take daily medications for various purposes.

We told her that it's bad to take any medicine ("drugs") unless a doctor says you need it. If a doctor says you need a medicine (and your parents agree, eh?), then it's something you should take--to help your body, not to hurt it.

I could quibble the fine points with most of my own explanation, but I figure it's good enough for now.