Monday, June 19, 2006

Update on Swallow Study

Our girl is doing really well lately - so many new things happening. Today we had our "Swallow Study" done at CHOC, and she did well. She is swallowing, however she is still at risk for "silent aspiration" because she likes to keep food held at the back of her throat before swallowing. We will be back to visit the GI doctor in a month, so I'll know more about the results at that time. I've been trying to spoon feed Jenelle at home some more, and she is doing exceptionally well. Last week at dinner with the family, I tried to spoon feed her and she started choking and was not interested. I set the jar of food on her high chair tray and went back to my meal. After a few minutes, I looked over to see Jenelle with her mouth around the jar as if she were trying to get the food herself. I then tried to spoon feed her again, and she really took more interest in eating, and even made effort to lean forward with her mouth open to get the spoon in her mouth. This is excellent progress and hopefully feeding will continue to improve.

Jenelle recently had an ear infection, but that has since cleared. Last Friday I picked her up from school and walked in to find her "walking" down the hall in a gait training walker. I didn't recognize her at first because she was walking so very well. She is sitting like a champ these days, and often gets up on her knees as if she wants to walk on her knees. She has amazing strength. Jenelle's school will continue through the end of July, and we are thankful for the extra therapy.

Thanks for the continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!

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Naomi said...

Up and walking, that's great! pictures please :-)

Congrats on 1 year free of hospital admissions.