Friday, May 19, 2006


All I can say is WOW! Thank you all so very much for the donations this week - we are almost half way to our goal! With my last Jenelle update, we were barely over $2,500 as a team, and now we are at $4,700. Thank you so much for the support - please keep it coming! And if you haven't had a chance to donate to Team Jenelle's Avocados, please check it out when you can! The Walk is the weekend after Memorial Day.

Today I got a message from Jase on the East Coast that I wanted to share with everyone. Remember, Jase is the little boy who coined the phrase "Jenelle's Avocado" two years ago when he told his Mommy he wanted to be her "Avocado" (Advocate.) He could use some donations as well - he is really speaking from his heart!

Mom said it was ok if I wrote this so here goes. Please support Jenelles
Avocados. This is important to all kids. I have a picture of Jenelle from the
walk when she was sick and in the hospital. I don't want her to be sick like
that again ever. I don't want any kid to be sick like that. I have $110 raised
here in Stafford and Miss Terri and Miss Geri gave money. I am very happy about
that. I don't like girls yet but I know girls like to dance. I want Jenelle to
dance. Thank you and I am giving the computer back to my Mom now.

Click here to donate! Thanks again! I'll keep you posted!

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