Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12/14 update on Jenelle

Well, the photo below was taken by Jenelle's Great Aunt Nicki and was just too cute not to share! As you can see, Jenelle is happy and doing very well. Things have been going well at her new school, and she is so very, very close to sitting up. However, I think once she finally sits up, she won't know what to do with herself. I've noticed a huge difference when I lift and carry her in that she can really keep herself stable while being held. That gives some relief to Mom's old aching body. She is also really using her arms and elbows to support herself on her tummy, and even attempt to crawl. We couldn't be happier with her progress.

Seizure wise things are the same, which is good (knock on wood as always!) We still see some eye flutters here and there, but nothing too concerning. We got a call from UCLA Genetics last week, and they want to see her on January 30 to discuss her tests from July, and possibly suggest some more tests. They wouldn't tell me more than that, which is concerning only because its not fun to guess about anything involving genetics. She sees Dr. Shields again on February 2, so that week should be busy.

We hope this update finds you all happy and well and getting ready for your holidays. Thank you for the continued prayers and support. I'll keep you posted!


Danielle said...

If they are thinking about running more tests, it is actually more likely that everything she has had done so far has come back NEGATIVE. But don't hold me to that. Anyway, genes are genes, right? And Jenelle is doing AWESOME. Go girly, go :)

Sheri & SuZan said...

I am so glad that she is doing well. It does seem strange that they won't talk to you over the phone. We most certainly keep jenelle in our prayers.