Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jenelle's EEG

Thank you all for the prayers and "seizure vibes" on Tuesday. Jenelle's EEG went well, though she did not have any of the crying or laughing episodes I was hoping to catch. She did have a couple of seizures like her normal ones, so if anything, it will be good to have confirmation that things are the same or better.

In addition to her EEG, Dr. Shields also wanted to "re-run" a urine organic acid panel, which of course meant I had to "bag" Jenelle again to get a urine sample. If you don't recall me complaining about this in the past, this process is usually most difficult and most frustrating because I literally have to place an adhesive bag "strategically" onto Jenelle in hopes of catching some urine and hoping that she doesn't poop in the process! This is probably the only instance where I wish Jenelle had been born a boy! I was rather unsuccessful at getting a sample from Jenelle earlier last week (three attempts in all) and decided one last attempt before leaving for UCLA. After leaving the bag on for an hour, I went to check and found that it had fallen off. I was very upset and disappointed until I noticed that by some miracle, the bag had actually caught some urine! You cannot believe the true sense of exhilaration I felt at that moment, knowing I had a good sample to take to the lab. Four years ago, I never knew something this trivial would be so important to me.

I stopped by the lab with Jack on our way to get him to preschool. Upon entering the crowded waiting room, he promptly announced to everyone that "We got pee pee from Jenelle!" The lab is the same place that employs our favorite phlebotomist, so they know us well. The receptionist smiled as the technicians giggled. I believe the lab employees were equally thrilled that they didn't need to supply me with yet another sterile urine bag!

So, I didn't win the lottery or cure cancer on Tuesday, but I did manage to get two medical tests done for Jenelle while also driving safely and successfully to UCLA and back. Ah, the little things in life that make us so proud!

Thanks for the continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!

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