Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I found Jenelle's Purpose in Life!

Brett has been reading "The Purpose Driven Life" and I've skimmed the pages a little. He's been struggling of late, wondering what God's purpose is for Jenelle. Me too in fact, I just can't imagine why she must go through the things she does. Then I had a conversation with my next door neighbor, who isn't that religious, who had this to say...

I told my neighbor this weekend that last Friday, one of the attorneys I work for, and really enjoy quite a bit, gave his 2 weeks notice. He is recently married, no children, no debt, and has a care-free, fun loving attitude. He is quitting because he doesn't want to put in the required hours anymore, and wants a change in his life. He is taking 2 months off to travel around the world, and then may start his own practice doing public interest law. Quite a difference from our practice. I asked him why he made this decision and he told me it was because of Jenelle.

I felt sorta weird with that response, he only met Jenelle days after she was born, but obviously like everyone else at my firm has followed her saga. He said watching her struggle, and the decisions we've so "gracefully" made, he decided life was too short. He no longer wants to put in long hours. He wants to enjoy his wife while he has little committments and lots of energy. He is thankful for what he has and through Jenelle has learned he needs to enjoy it.

I am bummed to lose such a fun guy. After telling this to my next door neighbor, and she said... "Don't you see? That is Jenelle's purpose in life. She is here to make others step back and look at their life and re-evaluate their values. She has saved this person and changed his life dramatically just by being your child and going through the challenges she is facing. While is seems cruel to her, you can see the beauty she leaves in the people she touches. Wow... I never saw it that way. It still seems unfair.

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