Tuesday, December 09, 2003

We met with Regional Center today to discuss the plan for the next 6 months for Jenelle (her IFSP, individual family service plan.) The meeting included Jenelle's Occupational Therapist, her therapist's Department Head, our Regional Center caseworker and the head of the Early Intervention Program at Regional Center. It was great to have a meeting of the minds, especially minds that have so much knowledge about Jenelle's issues and needs. While I had mentioned I wanted to find an "infant development" program where Jenelle could be "in center" for therapy, they helped us realize it might be too big a step for Jenelle at this time. We are going to increase her therapy at a one on one level in the home, and may try to schedule an additional session that can be "in center" so we can see how she responds to that environment. It's tough because we need to set challenging goals, but at the same time we must take baby steps in order to reach them. If we feel Jenelle is ready for an "in center" program sooner than 6 months, we can re-visit her plan and make adjustments accordingly.

After the meeting this morning, I took Jenelle to the lab for more tests. Poor little baby had to give urine and blood again. She did very well and didn't even cry or scream out when they poked her arm for the blood. Not sure if that is good, or if it means she is just too used to all the poking and prodding! One test is going to be sent to Baylor University for reading, and we most likely will not have the results for another 6 to 8 weeks.

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