Friday, November 21, 2003

Jenelle had her ABR Hearing today to determine if she has any hearing loss, and to determine whether the connection from the sound to her brain is functioning. The results were normal for both ears.

Just prior to her sedation, Jenelle had a "new" seizure that I've never seen before. She was shaking, trembling, and it lasted for about 5 seconds - the longest seizure to date. It may have been the closest thing I've seen to a "grand mal" in her seizure behavior. Dr. Phillips was not overly concerned, but told us to keep an eye out for them. The good news is that Jenelle has been on a "lower" dose of Phenobarbital and a higher dose of Vigabatrin for a week and a half, and we haven't seen a seizure since Sunday. Not sure what the "new" seizure was, but we're glad we haven't seen anymore.

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