Saturday, October 18, 2003

The good news - Last night and this morning, Jenelle appears more alert and awake! She is not her usual self, but much improved ovreall. If this continues, we may bring her home today or tomorrow, or at the latest sometime next week. We hope she can be home for her 1st Birthday on Wednesday!

We saw Dr. Phillips last night, and he didn't exactly agree with Dr. Trice that Jenelle was "Sub Clinical Status", he felt her sleepiness was simply a bad side effect of ACTH. As I said in my last email, we hadn't "seen" a seizure since Monday. Obviously her EEG indicated she was having seizures, so the "visible" ones would be less visible - I think both doctors are right. Last night, Jenelle had some "more visible" seizures like she was previously doing, which may mean she is coming out of her "constant" seizure state. We really won't know until she is completely off the ACTH.

Brett and I spent time with Jack this morning at a daycare field trip to a Pumpkin farm. Seems we all needed an outing like this. I'm the one staying overnight at the hospital with Jenelle, and she is now a "famous patient" as everyone heard about the problems starting her IV. Fortunately, the nursing staff is friendly and supportive.

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