Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Jenelle started Occupational Therapy today. The first meeting was mostly evaluation and the therapist taking notes. This therapy is taking place at Grandma's house since that is the day that Grandma watches the kids. After discussing many things, the therapist said she feels Jenelle may have "sensory defense issues", meaning Jenelle is not grasping objects because she does not like the feel of certain textures.

I laughed because it sounded similar to obsessive compulsive behavior, and she said it could be similar, and if someone in the family was a little obsessive/compulsive, it could be related. Hee hee, for those who know me well, all I can say is "guilty". Heaven forbid Jenelle picks up my strange habit of buying things in pairs at the grocery store, or the "unique" way I eat M&Ms. Anyway... it is encouraging though because she said if this is the problem, it can eventually be corrected with therapy. Great news!

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