Wednesday, June 04, 2003

We met with Regional Center today to discuss Jenelle's ongoing Physical Therapy plan (Her Individual Family Service Plan, or IFSP). Jenelle will receive Physical Therapy for a hour a week, hopefully starting as soon as next week. Regional Center has been wonderful, but we have to "jump through hoops" in the way they process things, so it does take some time. The Physical Therapy will be in home, and will involve us working with her throughout the week. Our long term goals over the next 6 months include getting Jenelle to "sit up" unassisted, feed herself a cracker, show anxiety when not around familiar faces and to play with her toes.

At this point, we are starting to see some improvement in Jenelle since her 6 month check up last April. She is now bearing weight on her legs (especially after we have been working with her on this) and does grasp at the rings we've hung on her infant carrier. We also got the referral to the opthamologist, but when we contacted them about an appointment, they said it would be best to wait until after her MRI, as the opthamologist would want to see those results as well. We also scheduled Jenelle's MRI for July 1, 2003, which is the soonest appointment they had available.

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