Saturday, September 11, 2010


Since my last update below, I've been through quite an ordeal. The headache pain I experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday was pretty painful. I've never had migraines, and the closest thing to head pain is usually related to sinus issues. With the pain I've endured in the last few days, I've literally wanted to bash my head in to make it stop. Finally, we think we have some answers, and today has been cautiously pain free.

As it turned out, the original headache I suffered from over last weekend until Wednesday was from the Biaxin. A nasty little side effect, and I'll make a note to myself to never take it again. But as my original headache began to subside, I was sidelined with a different headache pain. Intense pressure in my head that was worse when I stood up or was moving. This my doctors have determined was a "spinal headache" as a result of the spinal tap I had on Tuesday. Joy!

As mentioned, I started ATRA (my Vitamin A chemo) on Monday because I am scheduled to take it every three months. A side effect of ATRA is that you can get dehydrated easily. You have to double your water intake with ATRA and even then my skin is flaky dry. Once my oncologist realized I was suffering from a spinal headache, she stopped the ATRA. I need to stay hydrated, and taking a medication that will dehydrate me won't help. Even if it is chemo.

Like I said, today has been cautiously good. I'm still a bit fatigued, but at least I have an appetite, and I'm drinking my fluids. I hope this means I'm out of the woods, and that I can make it to work on Monday (and to Brett's office to get my car!)

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted!

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Timestep said...

Glad the headache is getting better. Been thinking about you lots. Those post spinal headaches area bitch!