Monday, September 27, 2010

Crappy day for Mom ends with a spectacular milestone for Jenelle!

I've been sick today with what my oncologist thinks is a nasty flu virus going around. Headache, vomiting and stomach problems kept me from work today. I still have a headaches, but I'm hungry, so that is good.

While getting Jenelle ready for bed this evening, I found an old switch toy that she hadn't played with in a long time. The toy (that is operated by a big red button switch so Jenelle can easily activate it) is a light table with see thru color blocks that are used with the light. Wondering if the battery still worked, I plugged it in to find it still working.

I started to show Jenelle the various colors on the light table and tried to get her to activate the switch. She wasn't very interested. As a last effort to keep her interested in the toy, I asked her to "Show me the green one. Grab the green one." She sat still. Thought for a minute, then used her right hand to reach for and grab the green block. It was so exciting! Her grasp wasn't strong enough to give me the block, but she definitely made an effort and choose the right color (out of four on the screen!)

I called for Jack to come see what Jenelle could do. He tried to help her, but I think having an audience gave her a little stage fright. She did make an attempt when Jack asked for the yellow one, but started to be interested in other toys.

So exciting to see Jenelle doing new things. I just know that she understands what we say, just how to make that communication connection. That is all we need to figure out!

Thanks for continued thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted!


Rachel said...

This is such an amazing step. I can only imagine how wonderful it must have felt for you to see Jenelle choose the green block and to have the solid evidence that she is understands what you say to her.

I work with kids with special needs in a special needs school and when something like this happens in our classroom I melt with joy - and they aren't even my own children!

I am so happy for you and Jenelle and your family! said...

How great is that!!! I believe that she knows what we are saying, too. Can't wait to share with Dad in the morning! And, I will share with my Bible Study group tomorrow. We are studying First Corinthians, Chap 13 this week. It is the "love chapter", and Jenelle is a product of lots of love and prayers. Hugs and kisses to all of you.
I'll bet Jack was excited. So glad she is still in the school that you have her in. They must really be excited at what she is accomplishing.Keep us posted.

deb said...

Sending get well Kelly vibes...and so thrilled in the progress you are seeing with Jenelle. Thank you for sharing.