Wednesday, September 01, 2010

As promised quite a while ago... photos.

I must apologize... my updates are turning into "monthly" updates. Over the summer, I kept battling illness from sinus infections (and low counts and exhaustion.) Suddenly today I realized I hadn't posted the photos I uploaded two weeks ago... and promised to share a month ago. Things have been good, I'm just taking more time to rest myself. Anyway... as promised, photos!

Jack was voted onto the Tustin Eastern Little League All Star Team and the All Star Manager, Walter McMahon asked Brett to help him coach the team. So summer started off with Little League All Star madness. A special treat for Jack in being an All Star was that the games in his tournament (the 9/10 Pool Play Bracket) were all played on Curran Field at North East Santa Ana Little League. What an honor. Here is a photo of Jack stealing home in his first All Star Game on Curran Field - photo taken by Aunt Nicki Curran.

Here is a photo I managed to snap between the chain link fence. Brett coaching 1st base, Jack on 1st base and Curran Field in the background.

Almost the perfect Christmas Photo - just missing Jenelle who was asleep in the shade. Here we are posing after the game in front of the Curran Field scoreboard. And yes, for those that don't know, the field was named in honor of Brett's family, and all their many years of volunteer work for Little League and North East Santa Ana Little League.

It certainly was an All Star Summer with the 2010 MLB All Star Game in Anaheim this year. We took Jack and two friends to the MLB Fan Fest at Anaheim Stadium during the All Star Break and it was quite a treat for the serious baseball fans at heart. The Topps booth handed out free baseball cards to the boys, and in the midst of all the baseball fun, they took off to a secluded corner to "check out the cards".

Here is Jack enjoying our favorite summer treat, Ice Cream Drumsticks, with his friend Cousin Trevor, Tim and Connor.

Nana and Poppa George (my Mom and Dad) stopped by for breakfast on July 5 on their way to my cousin's daughter's wedding in San Diego. Although Mom wanted IHOP, I made some great pancakes at home.

Here is our sweetheart on 4th of July - loved her pony tails this year with the red, white and blue "firework" hair bows.

And during 4th of July weekend, we took the kids to "Big Bang Friday" at the Angels game. Here I am with Jack.

Daddy & Jenelle

Daddy gets the best laughs from Jenelle. She really enjoyed the game and the fireworks.

That is all for now, but that is not the end of our summer. I'll update more when I can.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It looks like you guys had a fun and sports filled summer! I love the pictures of Jenelle with her dad. There's something truly beautiful about a dad and his girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing the update, Kelly! Thanks so much - you all look wonderful. I prefer you take care of yourself over posting, but admit to loving visiting here. The tribute on the previous post was so nice! Thank your other fan (one of many, I'm sure) for me. Barbara