Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to School means Runny Noses!

Since starting Vimpat last week, Jenelle has been doing OK. We started seeing some increase in seizures on Thursday and started to wonder if it was the change in medication. However, on Friday morning, Jenelle woke with a clear runny nose, so that could be the reason for the increase in seizures as well.

On Saturday, Jenelle was very cranky and her runny nose was pretty bad. Fearing she might have an ear infection, I took her to urgent care where we had the quickest visit in history! The doctor checked her ears and they were fine. Because she has not had a fever with this runny nose, we're going to chalk the runny nose and increase in seizures up to a viral cold.

Unfortunately, she has now passed it onto Jack and me. I was supposed to re-start ATRA today (my vitamin A chemotherapy) but decided to wait until the I'm feeling a bit better. Ah, the joys of back to school.

Speaking of school, Jenelle's IEP last Thursday went exceptionally well. Our school district finally signed off on her IEP and agreed that the best placement for Jenelle this year is to remain in her current program with the County. Jenelle has met 15 of 25 goals, and her physical therapy is going to be "decreased" because there is not much more they can offer her at this time. I know that sounds strange, but when Jenelle arrived at age 3, she couldn't sit up, she couldn't stand or walk. We often wondered if it would even be a good idea to try to teach her these things, but as she improved and grew, she got brave and eventually overcame the odds. Her physical therapist will continue to help Jenelle with stairs, but for the most part, she has mastered sitting, standing and walking. She's our miracle girl!

That is all for now. I'll keep you posted.

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