Sunday, June 14, 2009


Kelly's fever went back to 103 on Friday and has been back below 100 since. So we do have some progress. Kelly is starting to eat a little more, for Kelly that isn't saying much. She still gets tired walking to and from the bathroom, which is about 6 feet from her bed. The rash seems to be getting better. I do have pictures of the rash that I will try and post when I get them off my phone. Not sure you want to see them. I don't. But it will give you an idea of what she is dealing with. Jack really misses his mommy. Asked me every day when she is coming home or can he call her. My guess is she can come home by the end of the week. YEAH!!! We will KCA!!! Now we just need to kick the rash's... And she will. Go Kelly, go Kelly, go Kelly...Below is the picture. Keep in mind she has this rash from head to toe.


mlageson said...

Yes com on KRA and KCA so that you are able to go home for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my poor friend. Have they mentioned anything like Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

I surely am glad to hear you are making improvement, albeit slowly. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

(dented Angel)

Kristinesonja said...

Little steps are good too. Glad to hear the fever is coming down, now KRA!!! Many gentle hugs and positive thoughts for you so you can get home for the weekend.


Barbara said...

If rah-rah helps, I'm willing to kick myself into cheerleader role, but what I really want to say is 'second opinions' or other hospital-oncology-team.

That the fever is abating is GREAT news. That she is eating some is very good news, but I am hoping they are feeding her iv otherwise - which makes mineral replacement easy enough, eh?

Every 'non-active' ingredient in the antiobiotics should be questioned.

Hoping you have a crew of people who can shift-schedule someone to be with her 24/7. Nursing care has been systematically destroyed for anyone but those most able to fend for themselves.

More kicking-prayers ensuing.

Christy said...

We have never met, but I have heard your story through many others in TNT. A plea went out company wide and three of us just got back from donating platelets directly to you (we are all A+). Just want you to know that people are pulling for you that have not had the opportunity to meet you. But we look forward to it! Keep fighting girl!!!

- Christy, Joanna and Rhianna