Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turning the corner

Early last week, a friend from the Internet who had a blog I often read passed away. Her name was Deb, and you can read all about here at her blog, Debutaunt. I knew Deb had cancer, but didn't know what specific type of cancer. Then a friend told me it was Leukemia. It hit home a little bit. Deb was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2005, had a bone marrow transplant, but relapsed right around the time I was diagnosed with AML in November.

Last week, I went back to read some of her blog entries, where her last post was in February. When she relapsed, her last posts pleaded with friends and readers to donate blood because she was unable to get transfusions she needed due to low supply. I mentioned this to Brett and talked about how fortunate I was to have so many donors when I was going through induction, and it seemed UCLA never ran out of blood.

Now you understand my shock when they had to delay my platelets the other night because they they didn't have my blood type. Thank you all who made the drive to donate, especially Michael Allen and Kim Estrada, who missed our boy's Championship Game to donate. Blood supply is critically low here in Southern California, so even if you aren't my blood type, please consider donating in my honor. I'd hate to think that someone in a more serious condition would be denied such a life saving thing.

As for an update on me, I've gone a whole day with a fever around 99.8. The doctors still consider that a fever because I do not have an immune system. The good news is I have 10 neutrophils today, so with the fever passing and signs that my blood levels are going in the right direction, I should recover in a few more days. I still have open sores, so outside visitors are still to be kept at a minimum.

As for that Championship Game, the boys won with Jack making the last two outs. He has a couple more tournaments coming up so hopefully I can catch some of those last games. He is doing well but misses me, and Brett says Jenelle is her usual "cute."

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, please keep them coming! KCA


Ben and Bennie said...

You are indeed one of my heroes, Kelly. Even though I haven't commented much lately I have been following your updates. It has been amazing to watch you deal with this so courageously and with so much dignity. As always prayers are continuing.

Kim said...

I just want to say "ditto" on Ben and Bennie's comment. You are a hero. I often wonder how you got dealt the cards you got dealt, but your grace is beyond are amazing! I'm hoping for a trip to Disney for Lil bugs birthday and would love to meet up again!