Monday, May 25, 2009

High Fever and Infection

Just a quick update on me. It seems it was a good idea to admit me to the hospital on Friday, because I started spiking a fever Saturday evening. It's the kind of fever that starts with chills, then goes really high. Yesterday it hit 102.8. An Infectious Disease doctor was called in and she requested a second MRI and some tests, and also added a second anti-biotic and an anti-viral.

My first MRI from Friday was to make sure my mouth sores were not solid abscesses. Thankfully they aren't because I didn't like the idea of having to "lance" them if they were solid. The second MRI is to rule out encephalitis as I've been having horrible headaches.

I haven't been as stir crazy this visit because I've been feeling pretty lousy. I sleep most of the day. The doctors have advised as few visitors as possible because of my open sores on the outside of my lips. Right now we are fighting a raging infection and we don't need to add to it. My neutrophils are still 0 so my body doesn't have much of an immune system to help the fight.

If you wish to pray specifically, please pray that my fever subsides and that the antibiotics start to work. Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. I'll update more when I can. KCA!


Danielle said...

Oh i hate this. I know I should know this, but can we GIVE you neutrophils?

Anonymous said...

Kelly #2,
This too shall pass. Had the same thing during breast cancer treatment. "Through the Spirit, the Lord is with me, wherever I am. Don't quench the Spirit."
(1 Thess 5:19)
Barb Conley


Tonie Auer said...

Girl, take really good care of yourself and let everyone else take care of you, too!

You are in our prayers. KCA!