Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a small update and some hair-raising progress

No news is good news and there hasn't been much to share for an update for me or Jenelle. Things have been going well for me and I am getting out more and doing things around the house. My numbers are still not completely normal, but they are close enough not to worry.

I have been having some trouble with my PICC line recently. It seems the skin is breaking down underneath the tagaderm (a clear plastic they use to cover the line to keep out bacteria.) It's an allergic reaction of sorts, and can happen when you've had a line in for a while. I've had this particular PICC line since January 27, and am hoping I can hang onto it for another 8 weeks to complete my IV chemo. The skin underneath is blistering which can lead to infection if it gets much worse. My home health nurse is making it her mission to help me keep this line and is doing all she can to keep it from getting infected. Yesterday, she applied a special dressing (I forget the name) which stung a bit, but helps to dry out the skin to help it heal. Have I mentioned yet how fantastic my home health nurse is? She is truly a saint. If you'd like to say some special prayers that this little skin problem doesn't get infected, that would be great.

And now for some fun... I've sort of been documenting the growth of my hair and thought it was time to share some of the photos. After starting chemo in December, it took two and a half weeks for my hair to fall out. About a week before I lost it, a male nurse I had one day made a comment to me that I thought was funny. He said that I was such a "pretty woman" that he feared I wouldn't handle losing my hair very well. His suggestion was to simply get it over with and shave it off. Obviously he hadn't gotten to know me well, because I am probably the least vain person I know. I laughed and told him I was actually looking forward to it falling out because I had been wanting to change my hair color anyway. On that day, I wasn't ready to shave it, but still it didn't bother me that it was going to be gone for a while.

Recently, my hair is really getting a bit thicker. So much so that I have been able to wear baseball caps instead of scarfs. The hair growing in is soft, and it appears to be the same color as Jenelle's. But I'll let you check out the progress for yourself... see the photos below:

January 2009
March 2009
April 24, 2009

See, I'm not modest at all! ;)

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. KCA!


Leightongirl said...

No, but you are beautiful.

Andrea said...

You are so brave Kelly - in many ways. I have tears when I think of your courage and all that you are going through. You and your attitude are an inspiration. I know this has not been an easy road for you and your family, but your sense of humor and awesome outlook is amazing. Keep the Faith Kel, we are all praying for you. What a journey your life has taken you on - your friends would give you the purple heart without question!!

~ Andrea in IN

MoonNStarMommy said...

I hope that skin irritation gets better for you and you sound like you have a WONDERFUL home nurse!! They are saints!! I got my son's NICU Nurses these Nurse Angel Pins, and wrote a poem, and made bookmarks with the poem for all the NICU staff. My ex husband and a problem like that, only he couldn't seem to fix it :( He was downright allergic to the adhesive stuff.

Your hair looks great!!

Laura said...

You are a BEAUTIFUL baldie and now growing.

MeeshellaBella said...

You are truly inspiring and beautiful. keep up the fight. I love reading your updates!


Fantastagirl said...

You looked beautiful with the scarf, and beautiful now - looks great!

Can you tell your hubby - that I've stolen the KCA for my Aunt? She loves it - and ends all her email updates with it!

Sending many prayers that your skin heals and you can keep your PIC line for the next 8 weeks!

Army of Mom said...

Lots of prayers for you. I'm glad your positive outlook remains. That is so important to your recovery. Lots of love for you and wishes that you KCA!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Still praying for you...and that Sinead O'Connor look is working!

Hubba Hubba.

gypsygrrl said...

beautiful = alive!!!
you look great, and i am sorry i havent been checking in as often as i like... still thinking of you and praying for everythign...

much love & KKCA!
*thats Keep Kicking Cancer's Ass)